Saturday, January 8, 2011

Monthly Bully Walk!

Hey responsible Pit Bull Lovers! Im putting together a monthly "Bully Walk" for all of us to get together and show Portland our well behaved pits! I will post when and where closer to the date. The walks are for fun and your entire family is welcome to join. We do have rules for the safety of you and your pet:
1. ONE dog per person
2. ABSOLUTELY no retractible leashes
3. Dogs that show aggression MUST be marked with a red collar or bandana
4. Always pick up after your pet
5. All breeds are welcome!
We are trying to raise awareness to our fellow Portlanders that Pits are pets, and we are responsible for their behavior.
The walk will be approximately one hour and the route will change each time.
I will post more details in the future!!


  1. Love it! We are excited to begin attending these walks and show everyone what a great dog our APBT named Sparky is :)

  2. I am really excited too! check out some pictures from the bully walk in Charleston SC. I have a link on my blog page :)
    I will post more info in the future, but we are going to have our first walk Jan. 30 at noon. See you there!!!!

  3. Sounds like fun for ev-re-one!