Monday, September 26, 2011

The Portland Pit Bull Project

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The World Traveller

As many of you know, and for those who do not know, my two greatest loves in life (besides pitties) are to cook and to travel. I want to first apologize for not writing more, as I am undergoing great tests and great adventures in the culinary world right now and it is taking up more time than I actually have. Builds character, right?? I have travelled extensively, although have not travelled enough... Ask me about shopping at the Christmas Markets in Europe, drinking amazing wines at the fantastic vineyards in Oregon, snorkeling off the beaches of Koh Phi Phi, and I can tell you all about them. Ask me about the lure of selling everything, packing up my few precious items, and taking off for a new horizon, a new beginning, a new adventure, and I will tell you about my dreams and goals in life. Ask me about my dog, and I will tell you that she comes before these great adventures of mine still to come.
As amazing and fantastic as packing up everything and moving away, or saving for a year, then just taking off, no plans, no itinerary, just adventure and fun times ahead, we all must remember that we have made promises to loved ones that we just cannot break.
I received an email today from a desperate woman. A woman who went out of her way to save a dog that she fell in love with but could not take as her own. The dog will be put to sleep this week, and this will break her heart. Her owner decided to pack up and move to Thailand.
I have been to Thailand. The Land of Smiles. It is a magnificent place full of beauty and mystery. It is like no other place on this earth. I love Thailand. I could have returned there to stay forever, but I did not. I made a promise to the one gal in this world that loves me unconditionally, my sweet pitbull. She has been on this earth for nine years, has lived with three owners, and with me for six years. She has been with me through my ups and downs, moved with me across the country. I love her as much as she loves me. I made a promise to her when I decided to keep her. I did not say it out loud, but when I decided to keep her, it was for good, until she passes away. I intend on keeping this promise. I am a proud dog owner, a responsible dog owner, in saying that, I mean until she is no longer on this earth. I vowed to take the best care of her that I humanly can. And I will.
This man did not keep his promise, and now his sweet dog will take the ultimate sacrifice for him. Her life. This dog will have to give up his life, so his "owner" can have a "better" life. This is not right.
Here is the info on this sweet little girl who desperately needs a FOREVER home.

 Please help! I am a HUGE Pit Bull fan. I live in Oregon and I am trying to find a home for a white fixed female pit that is going to be euthanized Friday, July 15 if I am unable to find her a home. She is 8 years old, loves people and kids, great with other animals, knows basic commands, is not a huge barker, and would love a new home. Her current ass of an owner is euthanizing her because he is not home that often and is moving to Thailand. Please help! I have two Pit Bulls myself and they are part of my family, I call them my kids. Please help me find a home for a loving pit that only wants to be loved and will love you unconditionally. Please contact 503-810-0698 for further information and to meet her. Thank you.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Summer eveyone!! Big stuff has been happening! Due to the recent tragic incident in Vancouver, pit bull owners from all over, including us, rallied together to put a stop to a breed ban discussion! IT WORKED!! The city council will no longer be taking a breed ban into discussion! Thank you to everyone who came out and showed support for pit bulls! Showing is much more significant than telling, and thats what we do!

On another note, due to the holiday weekend, we decided to hold the bully walk the following weekend in the park again on July 10 at 4:30. Meet under the morrison bridge! We chose to hold it later in the day due to the heat for us and the dogs :) See you all there!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011


I had so much fun at the Bully Walk yesterday! We had a great turnout, even though it was hotter than hell outside. We had some new people come, and a lot of the same group! I am so glad that everyone seems to be enjoying these walks, I know I am! I especially enjoyed the fountain at the end, and so did Polo!

In spite of the recent events and tragedy in Washington, it was nice to see people come from all over the city to show support for Pitbulls. I think it is so important to keep positive and stay informed of any legislation that may be coming our way. I started these walks to show people that we are good and responsible dog owners, not just saying it, but actually doing it. It makes me happy and sad at the same time when our group walks by a person who looks absolutely terrorized that there are a bunch of pitbulls walking by them, but I can only hope that we are breaking stereotypes and we changed their minds.

Thank you so much for everyone who attended, we cant do this without you! Pictures of the walk will be up soon on our facebook page and our website!

Cant wait for the next one in July!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bully Walk June 5!

Our next Bully Walk will be on June 5th at 11am. Meet us in the small park by the River Walk Cafe on the waterfront! We wil start promptly at 11am :)

The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness for Pitbulls. We want to show Portland that Pitties are good dogs and we are responsible owners. All breeds are welcome.

Please remember:
NO retractible leashes
ONE dog per person
Dogs with agression issues are welcome to attend with a red bandanna.
Pick up after your dog
Bring your pitbull pride!

Come and walk with us! It does not matter if you own a pitbull, or even a dog at all! Come and show your support for America's favorite breed!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Missing Pit Bull in Portland

Please keep a look out for this dog... it is so unfortunate that pitbulls are often stolen or lost. Please check out this blog and keep your eyes peeled.

This is the dog, the owner's name is lea, and her phone number is 503-960-8423. This beauty goes by the name Melee.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Pitbull Problem summed up. (you are welcome)

So, here is the best analogy I could ever write about the "pitbull problem"... here it is.

Have you ever seen someone riding down the street in a really really nice sports car? Did you stop and think, hey, that guy TOTALLY does not deserve that car! You know... the idiot that peels out and has his music really loud ,and bad music at that, and he or she is like 16 and you know they have not worked a day in their life? Lets just say, for the analogy's sake, its an old convertable with a v8, something totally badass. they wanted it because it looked cool. You know, they dont deserve the car. The person in the car has no respect for the car or its power. This is the same deal with some pitbull owners. Have you ever seen an idiot walking down the street with a pitbull on the wrong leash, just pulling and panting away, totally miserable, and it seems like that guy has the dog as some type of status symbol like a rapper or something? They too, have no respect for the breed or its power.

So, I believe it is safe to say that a sports car is a powerful car and can be dangerous when put in the hands of an idiot. Should BMW, Chevy, and Ford stop making those cars? No. Should we take those cars off the streets because they kill more people than other cars? No. So I also believe it is safe to say that a pitbull is a powerful breed (just a hair stronger than a mini poodle, maybe...) and can be dangerous when put in the wrong hands.

In conclusion, Pitbulls, like sports cars should be respected for what they are, and not everyone deserves one.