Friday, April 29, 2011

Bully Walk This Sunday!

This Sunday will be our fourth Bully Walk! YAY! We are meeting in Director Park, the weird cement park next to Pastini Restaurant on Taylor Street. There will be some cameras there too, as we are being followed by a documentary crew! The documentary is about Portland and the sense of community we have here in this wonderful city. If you get a chance, talk with them about our pittie community and how we come together for a common cause!
Few reminders for the walk:
Director Park 11 am!
Show your pitbull pride and sense of community!
AND remember the Bully Walk guidelines:
NO retractible leashes
ONE dog per person
Agressive dogs are welcome, with a red bandanna!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Damn...

So there was an article published today in the Oregonian, and yours truly was quoted in it! The article was about people's perceptions about Pitbulls. All in all, not bad, until you get to the link to the anti-pitbull fake statistics page that somehow wound up in it. ugh. I made the mistake of reading the comments posted below the article on the Oregonian webpage and let me tell you, they are NASTY. People are down right nasty in this town! DAMN! It breaks my heart to see comments like "they all need to be destroyed" and "they all deserve and bullet in the head" and "white trash status symbol" and my favorite of course "they even bark more than other breeds" Really? I could have sworn that the damn great dane that I share a wall with would out bark my Polo any day of the week. I really did appreciate all the positive comments that people left in defense of these dogs, who I am positive, would have said some things as well if they could read... As of now there are about 120 or so comments from today's article, and now it is kind of a pissing match, so I am staying away, safe in my little blog world :)
I just wanted to share with you all that, yes, I am from the south, but no car parts in the yard for this little Southern Belle! I do own a Pit, and do not believe I am a "white trash symbol" nor do I own a "white trash symbol" I go to the symphony, I have traveled the world, and am on my second college degree, I do not think that I am trashy or gangsterific, nor do I think anyone who appreciates these dogs are. All the Pittie owners I know are very nice, educated people with good homes and good hearts.
When I was studying at College of Charleston, I was a Psychology major (got the paper to proove it!) I remember we were talking in class one day about violent statistics of people with mental disorders. STATISTICALLY speaking, if you were to come across two dark alleys in the middle of the night, filled with the same amount of people, one alley containing regular joes, and the other, all people with severe mental disorders, you better choose to walk with the crazies because you are more likely to be injured or murdered walking around with the regular joes. After today, and reading all the nasty nasty comments that were left in the article that I was quoted in, If I were to come to two alleys in the middle of the night, one containing regular joes, and one with Pitbulls, I would choose the dogs any day of the week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What we are all about!

My friend and partner in this madness is a wonderful woman named Cheryl. She made this video about our walks... it is amazing! check it out!

Here are some cute pit puppies! enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little House Keeping...

I want to thank everyone who came out yesterday to our third ever Bully Walk! We had a great time! I also want to do a little house keeping on some up and coming events and other cool pittie stuff....

I mentioned to everyone after the walk (if anyone could hear me :) that there is a SW Washington Humane Society Walk coming up. It is Saturday, May 7. Here is the link.
The link has all the info about the event, and I would love to have us walk as a group to show off our pitties! We will still have a walk the prior Sunday, May 1 at 11am. The location will be announced shortly.  At that walk, I am thinking we will have a sign-up sheet or something for the SW Humane walk at our walk. Confused yet? (I think I just confused myself there...)

I also mentioned yesterday that we are making t-shirts... OH YEAH! Cheryl and myself are trying to come up with a catchy slogan on a black t-shirt. If you have a fabulous idea, please post a comment on the blog. When we have the design, we are going to find a local shop to print them. SO, when we do, I will write on the blog and the Portland Pit Bull Parade Facebook page that we have shirts. Let us know how many you want, and what size. We will have them at the next walk, I have not looked at prices but im guessing they will be around 20 bucks. Any money we recieve after the initial cost of the shirts will be donated to local rescues. It will not go in my pocket.

I noticed at the walk yesterday that we, as a group, kinda got seperated on a few occasions. It gets kinda hectic with onlookers, dogs, street lights, street cars, poop stops, etc., etc... We are working on a solution to keep us altogether:) Please be patient...we are new to this :)

The webpage created my Cheryl and myself (mostly Cheryl though) is a great website for info about what we do here in Portland with the Bully Walks, info on pitties, pictures, and other fun stuff. Please check it out! There is an email address on there too which we do check regularly, if you have a question, concern, or idea.
All the Bully Walk pics are there too :)

So, I think thats all for now, we have a lot going on, and I am so glad that the walk has really taken off here in P-Town!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bully Walk Tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be our third Bully Walk!! We are meeting under the Morrison Bridge in Natio Park again! We will be walking through the park. I have several announcements to make after the walk, so please stick around. Remember:
NO retractible leashes
ONE dog per person
Agressive dogs are welcome, with a red bandana.
ALL dogs are welcome!
See you tomorrow!!!