Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Pitbull Problem summed up. (you are welcome)

So, here is the best analogy I could ever write about the "pitbull problem"... here it is.

Have you ever seen someone riding down the street in a really really nice sports car? Did you stop and think, hey, that guy TOTALLY does not deserve that car! You know... the idiot that peels out and has his music really loud ,and bad music at that, and he or she is like 16 and you know they have not worked a day in their life? Lets just say, for the analogy's sake, its an old convertable with a v8, something totally badass. they wanted it because it looked cool. You know, they dont deserve the car. The person in the car has no respect for the car or its power. This is the same deal with some pitbull owners. Have you ever seen an idiot walking down the street with a pitbull on the wrong leash, just pulling and panting away, totally miserable, and it seems like that guy has the dog as some type of status symbol like a rapper or something? They too, have no respect for the breed or its power.

So, I believe it is safe to say that a sports car is a powerful car and can be dangerous when put in the hands of an idiot. Should BMW, Chevy, and Ford stop making those cars? No. Should we take those cars off the streets because they kill more people than other cars? No. So I also believe it is safe to say that a pitbull is a powerful breed (just a hair stronger than a mini poodle, maybe...) and can be dangerous when put in the wrong hands.

In conclusion, Pitbulls, like sports cars should be respected for what they are, and not everyone deserves one.

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