Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bully Walk Sunday January 30

Bully Walk next Sunday!!!!

I am so excited about meeting my fellow Pit Bull Lovers in Portland next week! The purpose of the walk is to show pride for Pits and socialize them. This is a leasurely dog walk and will last about one hour or so. Bring water for your pup, and please remember to pick up after them! We are trying to show Portland that we are responsible owners, and we deserve the same respect that other breeds get. The Bully Walk is open for all breeds, we just want to show support for Pits.

Please remember the rules!
1. NO retractible leashes
2. ONE dog per person
3. Aggressive dogs must be marked with a red bandana
4. Pick up after your pet
5. Use common sense and have fun!

We are meeting under the Morrison bridge (on the SW side, on Natio Park) next Sunday, January 30 at 11am. From there, we will walk through the park, up to Pioneer Square, then back to the meeting point. Parking is free until 1pm :)

I cant wait to see all of you and your Pit Bull Pride!

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