Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dogs of the 9th Ward

I did not know just how bad the 9th ward in New Orleans is. Kelly G. runs a small rescue for dogs called Dogs of the 9th Ward, from this area, and needs help. There are so many abandoned buildings and stray dogs (mostly pits) roam the streets, and stay in the abandoned buildings. People dump dogs in this area daily. The dogs are forming packs and becoming more dangerous for people and other pets in the area. People are dumping dogs because they have relocated and cannot rent with them. These dogs are not spayed/neutered, they are breeding and creating a bigger problem.

I think what Kelly is doing is amazing. It seems like there is no hope for this area, but she is doing everything she can, and I commend her for it. What can we do here in P-Town to help?? She needs money, foster homes, awareness raised for her rescue, among many other things, like low cost spay/neuter programs, medicines, and vaccines.

I understand how frustrating it is for rescuers like Kelly to see people to turn over dogs because they cannot afford them, yet I have seen these people drop off their pet, and drive off in their SUV. But how are we supposed to pay for it all? I know that renting is a pain with dogs, especially Pits, but I do, and I have an 80 pound Pit Bull. Kelly needs help. Pit Bulls need help. What can we do?

Check out her site: http://www.dogsofthe9thward.blogspot.com/

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