Monday, February 21, 2011

Roxy, A Love Story

I came across a story that touched my heart. The story of Roxy. Roxy is a young sweet pit bull who was owned by a family who bought her to solely make them money. They did not care about her, just what she could do for them. She was there as a puppy machine. They did not care that she was cold, or hungry. They left her outside, chained to their trailer for months. Her chain was so short that she slept in her own filth. She was forced to breed multiple times so they could sell her puppies to other irresponsible owners, so they, in turn, could do the same.
Roxy lived this way for a long long time. On a chain, unable to run, out in the harsh weather here in Oregon, until Fences for Fido stepped in to help. They took Roxy from the deplorable conditions in which she was forced to live and found her a loving foster home. She was finally free from the chain. But this is not the end of her story.
Roxy had a lot of work to do. Fences for Fido helped raise money to get her spayed so she could not be forced to have any more puppies. She had to be trained. Potty training was easy for Roxy, she embraced it. Living in small area on a short chain, forced to potty where she slept, really helped her learn to be housetrained quickly. Not knowing human love did not stop her from becomming a sweet loving dog. All she ever wanted to do was please her owner, and she is doing a wonderful job pleasing her wonderful foster mom, Michelle. Her favorite trick is "shake" and will do it for anyone with treats. Michelle says that she is a wiggle butt and asks for belly rubs any chance she gets.
Roxy is recovering just like any pit bull pulled from a bad situation, wonderfully! She is now looking for her forever home so she can be another happy pit bull in Portland. She still needs some training, but she is such a resiliant dog, she will be perfect in no time.
If you want to help Roxy complete her Cinderella story, please contact me I want to see the happy ending that Roxy deserves.


  1. Beautiful, Katie. Thank you so much for spreading the word about this wonderful, sweet girl.

  2. She sounds like such a sweety! Thanks for sharing this story. Please keep us updated on her new home..she deserves a wonderful family and home.

  3. Has she been adopted?! I hope so. :)

  4. She is still looking for her forever home :)