Saturday, March 12, 2011

Muzzle your Pittie, not your Crocodile.

So, I had a long week. For those of you who don't know me, I am a lazy SOB. Yesterday I laid on my couch watching reruns of Fatal Attractions on Animal Planet, all day. I mean ALL DAY. If you have not seen the show, its quite interesting, its about people with strange obsessions with owning deadly animals such as cobras, lions, and tigers. This got me thinking, after one episode in which a woman in New Jersey had 17 Bengal Tigers living in a delapidated "sanctuary". The authorities found out after one had escaped and was running around the city. The police came to her house, checked the premises, and let her keep all of the tigers! (they were later taken after a year and a half, only because she kept breeding them, and did not improve their living conditions). A similar story appeared on the next episode with a man who kept a 600 pound tiger in his garage and let it roam around the neighborhood! The neighbors tried to pass a law, but he repealed it and won.
Correct me here if I am wrong, but I believe that Canada and some parts of NJ have passed, or are trying to pass Breed Specific Legislation. If you are not familiar with BSL (breed specific legislation) it is, "a law or ordinance passed by a legislative body pertaining to a specific breed or breeds of domesticated animals. In practice, it generally refers to laws or ordinances pertaining to a specific dog breed or breeds." There are many countries, states, and counties here in the US that have passed BSL against Pit Bulls. To break this down, these counties have banned people from owning pitties, therefore, taken family pets and euthanized them at the tax payers expense, in order to have a "safer" enviornment. Does this work? NO. Is it expensive? YES.
Now I am guessing that these people who fight and spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on the removal of people's family pets are idiots. Why are they wasting their time removing dogs, when it is still perfectly legal for a woman to own  17 tigers, or a man to let his tiger roam free in the burbs? A woman in Australia owns 3 crocodiles and brings them in her car to run errands with her son, yet Pit Bulls have to be muzzled in public? Give me a break people! Lets get our priorities straight! If Pitties are such a problem why am I not on this show? Sheesh!

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